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Introduction to Flight Data
Analysis Programmes (FDAP)


A Flight Data Analysis Programme (FDAP) is the systematic, pro-active and non-punitive use of digital flight data from routine operations to improve aviation safety. FDAP, sometimes referred to as Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) or Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), provides a powerful tool for proactive hazard identification and enhancement of flight safety and operations.

A FDAP entails the routine collection and analysis of digital flight data from air carrier operations, and corrective action for adverse trends revealed by that data. FDAP collects and analyses digital flight data generated during normal line operations. FDAP provide greater insight into the total flight operations environment. FDAP data is unique because it can provide objective information that is not available through other methods. The information and insights provided by FDAP can improve safety by significantly enhancing training effectiveness, operational procedures, maintenance and engineering procedures, and air traffic control procedures.

A FDAP can identify operational situations in which there is increased risk, allowing the operator to take early corrective action before that risk results in an incident or accident. Hence, the true value of FDAP is the early identification of adverse safety trends, which, if uncorrected, could lead to accidents. In this way, a key element in FDAP is the application of corrective action and follow-up to ensure that unsafe conditions are effectively remediated. 

FDAP must interface and be coordinated with the operator’s other safety programs, such as the Safety Management System (SMS), Advanced Qualification Program (AQP), pilot reporting systems, and so forth. Thus, the FDAP is another tool in the operator’s overall operational risk assessment and prevention program built on the foundation of proactive identification of hazards and addressing risk to enhance safety. In this way, an operator’s FDAP should be integrated into their SMS.

Course Outline

Topics include:

  • History of FDAP and an Overview of its Objectives
  • IOSA and Regulatory Requirements for FDAP 
  • Fundamentals of Safety Management 
  • Integration of FDAP within a Safety Management System 
  • FDAP, SMS and Just Culture
  • Basic FDAP Considerations and Setting Analysis Targets 
  • The Use of Statistics in Data Analysis 
  • The Interface Between Analysts and Crews 
  • FDAP in Accident and Incident Investigation 
  • Learning from FDAP Data 

Who should attend?

Personnel involved in Flight Data Analysis Programmes (FDAP) at airlines, insurance or other operational safety professionals. 

- Flight Data Analysts 

- FDAP Team Members

- Safety Managers
- Safety Officers



Workshop Duration, Location and Tuition

Workshop Duration: 3 days (0900h to 1700h each day).

Location: Various locations – In-house available.

Fee: $850.00 USD


10% Discount when 6 or more participants from the same company (on the same invoice) are registered.

 5% Discount when 3 - 5 participants from the same company (on the same invoice) are registered.


Instructors include:

All courses taught in English language.

Customised in-house training also available.

Our courses can be delivered to your offices and tailored to your organisation's needs. If you have a group of 5 or more individuals for this course, please contact us and we will provide you with information about bringing this course to your offices at a time convenient for you and your staff.

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