Weather Risk Management

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Monsoon Weather Operations (MonOps)


IATA's 2018 Safety Report shows 33% of all accidents between 2014 and 2018 were weather-related - 46% of all fatal accidents during that period.

As the Asian SW Monsoon season approaches, so too does the risk of operating in adverse weather operations. Several accidents have highlighted the dangers of operating around the Inter-Tropical Convergence Line (ITZC); the Monsoon Trough; and severe convective systems. 

This course will provide a detailed understanding of the ITCZ, and Monsoon Trough - including the dangers of operating in these zones. While examining recent Runway Excursions, LOCs, CFITs, Undershoots accidents, this course will discuss theory, participants' experience, and highlight industry guidance including: EASA SIB No: 2015-13; DGCA (India) Ops Cir 9 of 2010; and DGCA (Indonesia) AU-5687-DSKU-03-2006.

This one day (1 day) workshop is designed to provide delegates with a refresher of the ITCZ, the Monsoon trough and weather hazards of operating in these zones (e.g., reduced visibility, turbulence, thunderstorms, windshear). A discussion of the Asian SW Monsoon will also be incorporated.

To maximise the transfer of training to the line, the course will be a mixture of a brief review of theory and aviation weather hazards combined with scenario-based weather events, case studies, and discussions.

Course Outline

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the ITCZ and Monsoon Zones
  • Aviation Safety & Weather – using 2018 data
  • The Role of Weather in LOC-I ; RE and CFIT and other accidents
  • What is the The Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and Monsoon Climatology
  • Hazards of the ITCZ
  • Aircraft operations in Monsoon conditions to include low visibility operations; wind shear; turbulence
  • Strategic and tactical weather avoidance - Techniques of Weather Avoidance
  • Operational Use of Weather Products - Pilots, Dispatchers, ATC and ACC.
  • Management of Hazards - Operators – SMS; OM-A; FDAP/FDM
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) considerations
  • Examination

Who should attend?

- Pilots

- Dispatchers

- Air Traffic Controllers 

- Safety Managers
- Safety Officers
- Compliance Managers
- Nominated Personnel (i.e., Postholders)
- Risk Assessors

- Regulators


Participants must have a firm meteorology knowledge level equivalent to that of an Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), ATC Licence or Military equivalent.

Workshop Duration, Location and Tuition

             – In-house available

Workshop Duration: 1 day (0900h to 1700h each day).

Location: Ho Chi Minh City - 12 August 2019

               Hanoi, Vietnam  - 10 Sept 2019

               Mumbai, India - 17 Oct 2019

                Various locations – In-house available.

Fee:  $275 USD 

Further Discount: 

10% Discount when 6 or more participants from the same company (on the same invoice) are registered.

 5% Discount when 3 - 5 participants from the same company (on the same invoice) are registered.


Instructors include:

All courses taught in English language.

Customised in-house training also available.

Our courses can be delivered to your offices and tailored to your organisation's needs. If you have a group of 5 or more individuals for this course, please contact us and we will provide you with information about bringing this course to your offices at a time convenient for you and your staff.

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