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Safety Management Systems (SMS)


High safety standards within the aviation industry are a critical element of the global aviation system. Increased efforts to further improve the safety record of the aviation industry have led to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to require States to implement a safety management systems within various sectors of the aviation industry, including airports, airlines, and air navigation service providers (ANSPs). In addition to basic regulatory requirements for SMS, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have had great success in promoting the implementation of the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) programme to lift safety standards even further.

A Safety Management System (SMS) is a business-like approach to safety. It is an explicit, comprehensive and proactive process for managing risks that integrates operations and technical systems with financial and human resource management. An aviation SMS contains key elements that enhance the management of the business, manage associated risks and reduce costly accidents. The key to effective accident prevention in aviation is a systematic approach. In keeping with all management systems, an SMS also allows organisations to set goals, plan, and measure performance for continuous improvement. Continuous improvement can be achieved by monitoring system effectiveness and taking action to improve the system where required. This active monitoring means that organisations can address system failures even before an accident occurs. As a result, they are proactive instead of merely reacting after an event has already occurred, as with the reactive prescriptive program.

Course Outline

This course covers Safety Management principles and provides you with what you need to know to develop an effective SMS within your organisation.

Topics include:

  • Accident causation and prevention
  • Responsibility for managing safety
  • Understanding safety
  • Basics of safety management
  • Risk management
  • Gap analysis
  • Implementation of SMS
  • Hazard identification and analysis
  • Non-punitive incident reporting
  • Establishing an SMS
  • Practical considerations for the operation of an SMS
  • Safety assessments
  • Safety auditing
  • Safety Training 
  • Safety culture
  • Management of Change
  • Emergency response planning/crisis management
  • Safety promotion

Who should attend?

Personnel from Civil Aviation Authority, air operator, airport, ANS provider, maintenance organisation, insurance or other operational professionals. 

- Safety Managers
- Safety Officers
- Compliance Managers
- Nominated Personnel (i.e., Postholders)
- Risk Assessors
- Auditors



Workshop Duration, Location and Tuition

Workshop Duration: 5 days.

Location: Various locations – In-house available.

Fee: $1600.00 USD


10% Discount when 6 or more participants from the same company (on the same invoice) are registered.

 5% Discount when 3 - 5 participants from the same company (on the same invoice) are registered.


Our instructors are experts in implementing and auditing SMS within various sectors of the aviation industry, including airlines, airports, corporate aviation, air traffic services. 

Instructors include:

John Dutcher | Mike Doiron | David Walsh

All courses taught in English language.

Customised in-house training also available.

Our courses can be delivered to your offices and tailored to your organisation's needs. If you have a group of 5 or more individuals for this course, please contact us and we will provide you with information about bringing this course to your offices at a time convenient for you and your staff.

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