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David Walsh

Maintenance and Safety Management Systems Consultant

David recently retired from Transport Canada.  He worked over fifteen years in the aviation industry both as a pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and then served another twelve years with Transport Canada, first as a Civil Aviation Safety Inspector and then as Superintendent - Regional Airlines group (Maintenance).  During his tenure as an inspector David was assigned Primary Maintenance Inspector  responsible for Canada’s second largest air carrier.  As Superintendent David was responsible for coordinating oversight activities for several Regional Airlines and Approved Maintenance Organizations.

While with Transport Canada he worked with many companies on improving their own Quality Assurance and Safety programs.  He also worked with companies developing and managing; Voluntary Disclosure Programs, Error Management Programs and Internal Incident Investigation Programs.

David was involved with several Transport Canada working groups, one of which was responsible for defining training standards for new Transport Canada Maintenance & Manufacturing  Inspectors.  David was also involved in the developmental training of several new inspectors.

David participated in the developmental process of a Safety Management System (SMS) for one of Canada’s major air carriers.  He was also involved in the review and acceptance process of several Air Operator’s Safety Management System policy and procedures documents.  David was also involved in the initial planning of the Transport Canada’s regional SMS validation program.

David has two undergraduate degrees, (BBA and BSc).  He holds both a Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License and a Commercial Pilot License.

David is very much committed to the idea that aviation safety must be improved and can be improved through adoption of SMS concepts and sustained effective execution of Safety Management Programs.

David Walsh
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